6 Bar Tools Every Bartender Must Have

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What are the bar accessories that every bartender must have? Equip yourself with the most essential bar tools from Trendy Bartender. If you’ve been using a shaker as a mixing glass, a chopstick as a bar spoon, and a wooden spoon as a muddler, that’s okay – these kitchenwares would still do the work, but as a bartender that doesn’t seem very cool. Take your cocktail game to the next level by upgrading your barware – both for a higher quality of your cocktails, and the more chic image as a bartender you portray to your guests.

Everything you need to create any cocktail

With the following 6 pieces of essential bar accessories, you can create any cocktail you want!
  • 1. MUDDLER

    trendy bartender bar tool essentials muddler

    Let’s take the classic Mojito as an example. The perfect Mojito cocktail requires one of the most important bartending tools for mixing drinks and squashing lime and herbs. Our bar tool essential muddler measures 8” long and is perfect for mashing citrus, fruits, herbs or preparing the ingredients of your choice.


    trendy bartender bar tool essentials cocktail spoon

    To create one of the most balanced and perfect tasting drinks, you need precision and control. The 10″ cocktail twisted stirrer is designed to spin effortlessly for the perfect stir, balancing the taste of your drink composition.



    Precision is one of the skills you need to master in order to prepare the best cocktails. The pourer has a chromed finish and a built-in breather for functionality and control over medium to fast speed pouring. Preparing cocktails or pouring up shots with the finest precision becomes very easy with this tool.

  • 4. JIGGER

    trendy bartender bar tool essentials jigger

    This tool is a must-have in your bartending set. The jigger measures all the amounts of liquid you need in order to prepare your drinks. It is a very accurate tool, marked with 1/2- ounce & 1-ounce liquor measurements with a rounded soft edge for cocktail preparations.

  • 5. ZESTER

    trendy bartender bar tool essentials lemon zester

    Dual function lemon zester grater with channel knife. A few strokes over your citruses and you can garnish your signature drinks with zests and add flavours and aromas to your mix.


    trendy bartender bar tool essentials strainer

    4-Prong hawthorne strainer. Pour your mix over the strainer and make sure your drink is smooth and refined.

The only thing you need right now

Trendy Bartender Bar Tool Essentials 6 Piece Set
Trendy Bartender Bar Tool Essentials Set
You are now only 1 set of bar tools away from kickstarting your bartending game! Click here to shop all 6 bar tools in one go – our Bar Tool Essential set covers them all.   Need some cocktail recipes and shot recipes for inspiration? We have some for you too! Browse more at our Bartending section and get your mixology practices started. To further step up on bartending, we have tips for you too! Read more on our Blog section – Behind The Bar.
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