How to clean wine glasses

How to Clean Wine Glasses blog tips

Isn’t it frustrating that there is always a bit of stain left on your wine glass? As Trendy Bartenders, we cannot afford to make such a silly, low-grade mistake that visually affects the whole showcase of bartending. Serving a glass of wine may seem straight-forward, but as simple as it is just to pour red or white wine into the glass, the wine-serving glasses has to be spotless, crystal clear and perfectly cleaned. So how to clean cloudy wine glasses and make sure to get hard water stains off glassware?

There are many myths and tips out there on how to clean the wine glasses. The most common hearsay would be to rinse the glasses with hot water, try using vinegar as cleansing solutions, wipe the glasses with a wet cloth, or even steam the glasses with hot water.

If you have tried all these methods, you may have noticed the following:

  • Drying glasses in the air after rinsing and washing will leave water marks on the glass.
  • Steaming glasses can leave water marks from the condensation (and you know it is cumbersome!).

Here is the most effective and the proper method to clean your glasses:

    • 1. Rinse your glass with warm water, or even hot water if your hands can take on the heat!

    • 2. If you find lipstick marks or hard wine stains on the glasses, add the slightest amount, or mild and odourless soap to the bottom of the glass. Avoid applying it at the rim since the detergent odour may stay and affect the aroma of the wine in future use.

    • 3. Avoid any harsh clothes or scrubs with bristle when washing glasses. This may create scratches on the glass surface. The best tool for cleaning your glasses is a Microfiber Cloth. You can buy ours on our website or on Amazon.

    • 4. Do NOT place your glasses in dishwashers. Hard water will only worsen the cloudiness and make stains cling onto the glasses.

    • 5. Dry the glasses by wiping them gently with a microfiber cloth. The super soft fabric will be soft enough to keep the glass surface flawless, and fine enough to remove any remaining residue, hence giving you a spotless, clear finish on the wine glass!


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Have you tried our method of cleaning wine glasses? Did it work for you? Comment below and let us know if this has been helpful! If you have more tips to share, we would love to hear from you too!


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