Bar Caddy Supplies – 120-Pack of Assorted Swizzle Sticks, Drink Stirrers & Disposable Drinking Straws – Multicolored


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Cocktail Accessories Refill Pack for Bar Caddy/Organizer – 24pc/Model, Total 120 pieces per set

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  • ✅ TROPICAL SWIZZLE STICKS – No more stirring cocktails with pens or forks. Now you can look like a pro and impress your guests serving cocktails with the coolest pineapple tree swizzle sticks. The pack includes 6 pieces (2xRed, 2xGreen & 2xBlue) – 9″ long
  • ✅ DRINK STIRRERS FLAMINGO – The “Miami Vice” of stirrers. The multi-colored flamingos are undoubtedly the most fashionable cocktail stirrers. The pack includes 24 flamingos in assorted colors (8xRed, 8xOrange & 8xPurple) – 5,75″ long
  • ✅ DRINK STIRRERS DISC – The “Classic” among stirrers. Simple, popular and contemporary design with a disc at one end and a knob at the other. Perfect to keep fruit & vegetable garnishes in place – 24pc Black – 6″ long
  • ✅ DRINKING STRAWS – Multi colored flexible drinking straws. The kit includes 48 pieces (24+24) skinny (0.2″ wide) straws in two sizes, 9.5″ & 8.25″ long. BPA-free, disposable and recyclable plastic. Can be used for hot and cold beverages. Note: Not recommended for smoothies
  • ✅ THE BAR CADDY REFILL PACK – The bar caddy supply packs are available in assorted 30-, 60- & 120-pack and the drinking straws in larger bulk packs of 100 and 200 pieces. Suitable for all kinds of bar organizers & straw holders and are great for parties and events

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