Cooler Bag Insulated by Frost – 3 gal (12L) Foldable Designed Lightweight Tote Bag + 1 Extra Bag! (Black White Flake)


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Do you need an insulated bag but find yourself disappointed with the generic options available? Do you wish you had an insulated bag that’s both functional and attractive? Now you can get the Frost Bag! Now you can safely and stylishly carry sandwiches, snacks, lunches and beverages to school or work inside this eco-friendly, patterned Frostbag. The Frost bag is made from Non-Woven Premium Quality 100 GSM Material created from post-consumer products, and features a timeless shape with a flexible design that’s available in patterned prints suitable for work or play. This workhorse of a lunch tote features a double zip around closure, a wipeable FDA-grade lining that keeps food and beverages cold for a long time, and two sturdy straps for carrying. Even though it’s eco-friendly, it doesn’t skimp on size – it can hold a range of diverse recyclable containers. E.g. up to 8 cans and still plenty of room left. Whether you’re going on a picnic, going to work, or even going to the beach for a day, the Frostbag will keep your food and drinks cool and fresh! When you purchase a Frost bag, you can be assured you’re receiving a product that meets rigorous standards: – Durable – 1 Year Warranty – 100% ECO-Friendly – Non-Woven Premium Quality 100 GSM Material Time limited offer: Shop our hot selection of Frost bags NOW and get 2 for the price of 1!
  • Handy Lightweight Multi Purpose Tote bag
  • Durable 100 GSM Eco-Friendly Material
  • High Efficient Thermal Insulation
  • Roomy Uni-Sex Design 12″ x 8″ x 8″ (Holds up to 12 Cans!)
  • 2-Pack For The Price Of One

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