Wine Aerator – Premium Quality with Sediment Filter, Stand and Pouch by Trendy Bartender® – FDA Quality Acrylic Wine Aerating Decanter


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This handheld aerator with its dual air intake allows the wine to open up its bouquet and bring out the full range of flavors. Simply place the aerator above the glass and pour through the mouth (filtered). The oxygen is drawn in through the dual air intake where is comes in contact with the wine immediately starting the aerating/breathing process. This will give a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and a smoother finish to your wine.

It even works great as a gift for any occasion or event like wedding, housewarming, or host gift.

Why This Is The Best Handheld Aerator For Your Bar Or Home Kitchen:

• The package includes 1pcs Trendy Bartender Handheld Wine Aerator, 1pcs Holder, 1pcs Filter and 1pcs Travel Bag.
• Perfectly fits your needs – no matter if you are a professional sommelier or not!
• The Aerator is perfect for your Home, Bar or as a Gift. Elegant professional presentation
• Easy-to-use and easy to clean. Simply rinse under running water
• Material: Acrylic, Color: Transparent & Black. Extras: Travel pouch

If you are ready for the ultimate “Serve & Relax”-experience, then this is the product for you.

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  • Premium Quality Wine Aerator for the perfect bouquet
  • Serve yourself or your guests an instantly aerated glass of wine
  • Enjoy the enhanced flavor and smoothness of your aged wine
  • Be safe and avoid the sediment thanks to the fine washable filter
  • Delivery includes 1pcs Trendy Bartender™ Handheld Wine Aerator, 1pcs Holder, 1pcs Filter and 1pcs Travel Bag.

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